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"Let your dreams live so they might someday come true!" There exists a world slightly similar to ours but also very different. A girl from our familiar world travels trough a magical portal to a strange Siberia. In search of her brother this girl encounters two curios people and end up not only searching for her brother but also look for answers to the changes this strange world is facing.

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Creator's Comments:

winzrella, December 9th, 2014, 12:30 pm |
- I'm sorry for my lack for any updates on my both comics. It's not because of any lack of interest to continue. I have some pages scetched for both. However, I have been unable to really concentrate in finishing any of them.

I think this is just because so much has been going on. Many big changes are also going to happen, but when things calm down again I hope to be back to drawing.

Lately I have drawn a couple of pictures for work. The picture here is one of them. They are quick and simple so that they won't be too different from the childrens' pictures that are published alongside them.

It's enjoyable to do some quick work in a long while. Pages always need more work.

I have also been thinking of only sending scetches online, but if I do that I most likely will never finish the pages properly. This is why I have rather not uploaded what I have already done.
I rather upload finihed pages.

For more regular news check my blog http://winzrella.blogspot.fiAdvertisement, November 22nd, 2019, 10:53 am |

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